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Welcome to Dredgeburg!

You have died and woken up in the city of Dredgeburg, a dark oasis of sorts, wedged in between the many hells of the Underworld. Dredgeburg is a massive city, located deep within the Underworld where it sits in the middle of a fetid swamp. It’s a strange and often dangerous place where anything can happen and where much adventure is to be had.


  • A strange, hellish (but cute) fantasy city
  • Simple ruleset using the World of Dungeons-engine
  • Character Sheet that you can print out
  • Six districts, each with their own flair and adventure hooks
  • Three classes; The Gore, The Dreg and The Witch
  • Over 20 hand drawn illustrations
  • A color cover that you can print out
  • Mission/Job/Adventure Generators
  • NPC Name/Quirk Tables
  • 20 pages in total
  • And a lot more!

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, city-kit, Fantasy, Horror
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Buy Now$6.66 USD or more

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This looks pretty neat.  I know it says based on World of Dungeons, but the couple of freebie pages on view here look more like Into the Odd.  Would this be based on Into the Odd (I hope so...I love Into the Odd).  

Oh man, I just missed the bundle by a day. =( Do you think something like that will come up again soon?

Aw, well that sucks! I don't know to be honest. This was just something that the kind people at itch asked me to be a part of.

The magic system lets you be a big weirdo with your magic choices and it's not going to decontextualize on cast. Having all spells deal the same damage allows for more personal creativity for sure.

Would y'all be interested in defining some flavorful spells at some point? Everyone has a "Weird" in their head, but we all really dig your Weird.


Thanks a lot! The magic system is from World of Dungeons (a retro-hack of Dungeon World) and the rules for creating your own spells are designed to be pretty vague and loosey goosey. The game I run doesn't really have any lists of spells per se, it's mostly about what the characters WANT to do with their magic, followed by a short discussion about how that would work, what's required, any costs, dangers etc.

One of the players has "Fire & Shadow", which obviously lets him set things on fire (of course), but he's also done stuff like turning himself into a living shadow, so that he could sneak up on people, dissapear into the darkness, etc.

Another player took the "Dreams & Portals"-magic, which he's used to open a gate to his own pocket-dimension, where he dumps things and sometimes even creatures. He also closed a portal around a giant snakes neck, which decapitated it instantly. There's a lot to play around with, both as a game master but especially for the players. Just remember that the more they ask for, the harder they should suffer if they fail the spell roll. The spirits that give the characters their magic powers are fickle and sometimes cruel and demanding, so I'd suggest bringing that element into your game! Like say yes, whatever it is the player's asking for, but also let them know how much of a danger they're in should they fail with their roll.

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This is for the pdf, which is great, but I got my printed copy today and it's double plus great!

I'm so glad you like it in print too!

Where can we order a print version!? :D

Right here:


Great concept, really funny, and easy to use.

Thank you! I hope you're able to put it to good use!

Just finished reading through this, and it's really great. Well organized, and doesn't seem like it would need much page flipping to run. The locations are detailed in just about the same way as I do when I prep. So no glaring holes in what I'd need to start. And yo, cool art. ;) 

I'd happily buy this again in printed form if you ever go that route. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it and I hope you get some good use out of it!


This looks awesome! I'm all over this. This is right in my wheelhouse.


Glad to hear it! Hopefully you'll enjoy it!