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THE MUTANTS OF IXX is a post apocalyptic role playing game for around 2-6 people. This pamphlet contains all the rules you need to explore & exploit the many locations hidden deep within the lush (but dangerous) Jungles of Ixx.

You'll get TWO versions of the pamphlet - The Players Guide with all the rules needed to play as well as a character sheet, and the Game Master Guide that contains more information about the world, as well as an introductory adventure.


  • Hand drawn illustrations
  • Pamphlet size, which means 2 pages (or rather 6, when folded)
  • 18 Mutations
  • 10 Specialties (Or skills)
  • Short and Sweet ruleset based on "Into the Odd" by Chris McDowall
  • Equipment-drawing-and-list-in-one (Also cover image!)
  • Hexmap with evocative descriptions of the nearby locations
  • All the rules you need to start playing quickly
  • One-page-Introductory Adventure: "Lair of the Clonelings"
  • A fast and fun way of running all your Post Apocalyptic, gamma-glowing adventures!
  • This just in! American Letter format added! (The text is slightly smaller, and the layout is a little bit different, but it's better than nothing!)
CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tags2-5-players, gamma, Hand-drawn, mutants, nuke, OSR, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Weapons


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Ummmm. When were you going to email everyone and tell them you had a book coming out!!!!!!!!! Gah. I just stopped by Games Omnivorous and saw it. Insta-buy.


Haha, sorry but I'm so bad at marketing my stuff!

I got mine a week ago and it's as amazing as you'd expect! :D


Really happy to hear it! Glad you're enjoying it!


this game is awesome !! i gave it a go alongside m.a. packer's post-nuke adventure generation table and had an absolute blast. the illustrations and included setting info are top-notch as well. if anyone reading is interested, a fun optional house rule is having players roll for a new mutation if they choose that path when levelling up, rather than picking one out like a specialty. makes things v chaotic and fun !


This game rules!

I've run a one-shot session of MoIXX inspired by Strugatsky Brothers "Roadside Picnic" Novel. Stalkers in a post-encounter Soviet Union, walking the zones to find weird and powerful artifacts. It was the first time my friends played a pamphlet system and I can say they had so much fun!

Totally recommended game!

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